Industrial Wood Resource Systems uses a variety of products in order to best meet the need of our customers.

Industrial Wood Resource Systems

Industrial Wood Resource Systems

Banding Groove or Perimeter Strapping

BandingThis product is made specifically for your individual needs when only the perimeter of the bundle is used to keep your product intact for shipping such as cardboard or sheet goods. The Banding Groove product is placed under the strapping to protect your goods from strap cuts or slippage.

Your custom requirements whether hardwood or softwood can be warehoused for prompt turnaround of your next order from our Gainesville, Georgia facility. Continuity of supply and partner/ vendor relationship offers the best solution to your particular lumber needs.

Consideration for weight, length of material and groove size will be handled by your IWRS representative to assure an economical solution for your particular needs. Our knowledge and experience is an asset for your benefit.

Pallet & Skid Parts

PalletsJust as the stars are too many to count, so the sizes and shape of pallet and skid are always unique for your particular needs. Floor space, sawdust, and scrape lumber along with mis-cut parts and the deposal issue does not lend itself to in house manufacture of pallets. As a problem solver, IWRS can offer precut pallet parts, whether runners or deck boards, with KDHT stamps applied, and your staff would assemble as the need arises. Minimize floor space for logistic packaging and increase productivity for quick turnaround of your orders. Geographically at the hub of Southeast distribution, our Gainesville, Ga. facility keeps pricing very competitive when shipping in your direction.

Crating Materials

CratesOur standard inventory is dedicated to the needs of logistic packaging. Southern Pine lumber, waferboard, and plywood, sheets or cut to size, IWRS “Can cut it”.  Don’t get caught in the struggle of getting through the various levels of management to inquire about the status of your order, break that chain and deal with, in most cases, someone who has hands on knowledge of your orders status and concern for completion to your satisfaction. While all material is kept in standard sizes IWRS can also warehouse your sizes for quick turnaround or even managed inventory for maximum turn for you.

Custom Products

IWRS can cut to size your particular size of plywood, waferboard or Southern Pine lumber below is a list of the normal items we make for unusual requirements

  • Floor truss web components
  • Wedges
  • 3×3 to your length
  • Double Resaw  for thin material
  • 2×2 to your length
  • Multi Gang Rip
  • Non standard Sizes
  • Concrete Forming