Chattanooga, Tennessee Wooden Crates, Packaging & Pallets

Chattanooga Industrial Lumber
We have a variety of products available for all of your crating lumber needs: industrial grade Southern Pine, industrial hardwood, treated Southern Pine, wafterboard, Southern Pine plywood, floor truss web components, and treated landscape timbers.

If you find yourself in the Chattanooga area and in a pinch where you need our help, just let us know. Our orders ship fast – very often within 24 hours of initial contact. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!

Wooden Pallets Chattanooga

No matter what type of wooden packaging you need, Industrial Wood Resource Systems can help you develop the product you require. Our specialty includes the creation of custom wooden packaging.

You may search through many other similar suppliers of crating lumber in Chattanooga, only to find they don’t have the product in stock that you want. Or, they may not be able to meet your tight deadline. But, we do all of that and more. Contact us now to learn how.

Contact Us for Chattanooga Wooden Pallets & Crates

If you need custom-designed and assembled wooden crates and wooden pallets, then Industrial Wood Resource Systems is the right partner to choose! We don’t focus on making a sale and moving on – instead, we focus on developing long-term customer relationships with our Chattanooga area customers.

From the time you interact with our salesman to the time when your product is delivered by one of our drivers, you will notice our strong emphasis on customer service.