About Us

About Us

Our owner, Jimmy Jordan, has worked in the wholesale lumber industry since 1965.  Jordan’s wholesale lumber knowledge led to the founding of Industrial Wood Resource Systems in 1983.

Industrial Wood Resource Systems

Industrial Wood Resource Systems

His focus on customer service has led to many of IWRS’ customers staying with the company for more than 25 years. IWRS has since become a leading provider of industrial lumber to companies throughout the Southeastern United States.

Our Mission & Values

Industrial Wood Resource Systems’ mission is to maintain its position as a leading provider of industrial lumber products to companies throughout the Southeastern United States by providing the right products at a competitive price.

We are seeking to grow our business by providing you with the best customer service possible – from the time you talk with our sales staff to the time you receive your delivery.

We will go the extra mile to locate, or make, the uncommon lumber cuts our customers need.

We treat our customers and employees with dignity and respect and encourage open and honest communication.

Our People

Jimmy Jordan – Owner and founder of Industrial Wood Resource Systems, Jimmy Jordan lives and breathes everything related to wholesale industrial lumber.

Brian Cole – Brian acts as the marketing manager of IWRS.  He and his wife began an advertising firm in 1999 and came on board in 2011 to help the company expand its business.