Industrial Wood Resource Systems — We Can Cut It!

Why Choose Industrial Wood?

If you are looking for a locally based provider of rare and inexpensive industrial lumber cuts, then Industrial Wood Resource Systems has exactly what you need! Not only do we keep a variety of difficult-to-find materials in stock, but we also provide you with a comprehensive service offering which allows us to meet your custom needs:

  • Gang Ripping
  • Precision End Trimming
  • Diagonal Cross Cuts
  • Cut to Size Panels and Lumber
  • And much more!

Wood Products

Contact us today for more information about our wood products including:
  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Panel Goods

Remanufactured Products

Learn more about our remanufactured items such as:
  • Banding Groove Battens
  • Pallet & Skid Parts
  • Kiln Sticks
  • Crating Materials
  • Custom Products

Assembled Wood Products

We also provide assembled wood products including:
  • Pallets & Skids
  • Crates & Containers
  • Standards Defined